Nikhil Kalyanpur
Programme Test Manager
HSBC Investment Bank

Nikhil is a hands on delivery lead having several years of experience in QA, Testing and Tooling. He has successfully delivered a number of programmes, implemented best practices, built and delivered QA and Testing functions. He has over 20 years of experience in QA and Testing, with over 10+ years in financial services and 10+ years in senior delivery roles. He also has vast experience in digital transformation programmes and solid experience delivering agile and lean programmes.

He is currently managing the testing on a digital transformation programme at HSBC Investment Bank and has previously delivered digital programmes at Barclays, HSBC Corporate and also a fintech start-up. He recently delivered the first professional testing service on the open blockchain as part of a bitcoin hardfork.


Test Delivery: from Digital Transformation to Open Blockchain programmes

How do you approach testing on a digital programme with legacy architectural stack?

How do you test when the entire technological stack sits on the cloud?

How do you test on the open blockchain using a peer to peer network?

From tech startups to big banks to blockchain, the approach to delivering testing services should be tailored to suit the needs of the programme. Strategy, techniques, tools, automation and non functional testing will be covered in this talk.