Murat Yazar
Software Test Team Lead
Turkish Airlines

Murat Yazar is a Software Test Leader at Turkish Airlines, where Murat leads Test Automation, DevOps and Performance Test Teams. Murat also manages Continuous Testing transformation project in his company.
Previously, Murat worked as a Senior Software Test Engineer after a short working life in Global Support Team at Nortel Netas. During his term of office, he took part in many international projects
He graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ege University. Then he completed his master degree in the Department of Electronic Communication at Yıldız Technical University.
As an airline staff, he likes to travel to the most interesting points of the world. In addition to traveling, he enjoys spending time with his 1-year-old son whose name is Çınar.


Continuous Testing Transformation with DevOps

  • Continuous Testing Experiences on different applications such as web services, Web UI and mobile and which tools can be used for testing these applications.
  • Building right team for Continuous Testing and DevOps
  • Continuous Testing and DevOps practices
    • Static code analysis
    • Unit Tests
    • Automated Tests
    • Performance Tests
  • How Is Continuous Testing Different from Test Automation?
  • Benefits & Challenges of Continuous Testing