Moronke Fajobi
Software Engineering lead
Lloyds Banking Group

I am a Quality Engineering Chapter lead in Lloyds Banking group with over 18 years of software testing and development experience where I have worked across multiple platforms.

I lead software testing across our financial wellbeing portfolio, managing and improving testing practices using latest tools and technologies and appropriate processes. I also coach and mentor teams to understand Quality as a responsibility of every squad member, how to achieve shift left testing and develop a shift in culture and mindset towards developing a Quality product as well achieving increased productivity and pace.


Title: Achieving continuous security testing using SonarQube

Abstract: Security of an application and its platform forms an integral part of the Quality of a product. Most companies execute Security testing towards the end of the Software development project and should this be the norm? This presentation gives an insight into how to perform security testing at the earlier stage of a software development life cycle and throughout the SDLC.