Maryam Umar
Head of QA
Caplin Systems Ltd

Maryam Umar works in London as Head of QA of a Fintech firm. She started her career twelve years ago as a test engineer. After transitioning to the eCommerce sector, Maryam performed QA in various capacities for online restaurant and travel services. She now works in QA as a manager with special focus on sustainable delivery practices. In addition to this, Maryam has been a keen advocate of creating and sustaining diverse teams.


Please Release me!

A song sung by every engineer who wants to deploy to production…

I hold a vision of having every single commit being release-ready for production.

This is what every team should strive for and put processes in place which enable it. But visions are meant to be contested.

I recently took on the responsibility of release management of a very tricky and major project. There was no infrastructure and no guidelines on how to do this. In this talk, I will tell you why I volunteered for this role; what inspired me; the principles that guided me, and what process I put in place. There will be mention of system tests and how they enabled the group to gain confidence about their releases. I will also talk about the team dynamics which informed the initial difficulty and eventual success for release management.