Lewis Prescott
Senior QA Engineer

Currently a QA Engineer at ASOS, I enjoy pairing with developers adopting a TDD approach. Coaching QA’s and developers in testability and shift left. I’ve been at ASOS for 1 and a half. Working on projects involving Recaptcha & GDPR, including tech such as .Net Core, Azure and Cosmos DB. Working in an Agile team, I promote inverting the testing pyramid and testing in production. I consider every opportunity to research new frameworks and testing practices to introduce to the my team. Alongside my day job, I volunteer at a Code Club in Camden teaching children Python, CSS & HTML. In my spare time I enjoy cycling and running. Cycled to Paris last year and ran my first marathon.

In my current role as Head of Quality and Improvement, I bridge the key areas of technical delivery in DevOps, Release, Environments, QA and Testing. I am evolving these traditional delivery disciplines into modern capabilities that can adapt and support effective technology change.  As defined centres of excellence these capabilities are now starting to receive recognition from outside bodies and suppliers, allowing me to develop and grow the talent we have and focus on driving the recognition of the importance of how we do technology is to the satisfaction of our customers both internally and externally.


Contract Tests vs Functional Tests in a World of Squads

Ever come across any these before:

  • We can test it in our integration environment
  • We can spin up an environment to test our feature before integration
  • We have the API documented on the wiki
  • We are deprecating our API, who are our consumers
  • We have multiple versions of our API, how do we upgrade our consumers

I will take you through my journey of implementing Pact (Contract Testing Framework) in a squad framework. The challenges I have stated above and the lessons learnt. The Technical, People & Business benefits that come along with it.