Kayleigh Oliver
QA and Release Manager

Kayleigh has worked at games, gaming and tech companies both large and small since 2009 in testing and development roles. She is a certified ISTQB-BCS software tester (which means she has mad testing skills and can break things just by looking at them) and enjoys learning about new techniques, tools and languages in the field of technology.
Kayleigh currently works as the QA and Release Manager at and is the founder and owner of the app development company Junction 5 Studios.

Automation within VR applications

Learning about how Immerse are using automated testing methods to reduce manual testing of VR applications

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the use of VR today
  • Understand the different platforms
  • The challenges
  • What we user in order to automate VR testing
  • How we can use this within CI tools