Javier Senosiain
Head of Technology Solutions
Virgin WiFi (VMB)

Javier Senosiain is Head of technology solutions for Virgin WiFi (VMB). Javi has over 20 years of experience designing and building large networks for MNO and Telco’s in the UK. Having hold positions at Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, H3G, BNP Paribas, Arqiva and Virgin Media in his career started with traditional project management and Waterfall methodologies approach to projects, late turn into creating and delivering software platforms and technologies supporting millions of customers and key connectivity services in the UK.

Javier’s career reflects a journey towards DevOps, and a proposal for a happy marriage between the traditional approach with the DevOps culture to deliver best services for customers in large telecom companies.


Deepak Selvaraj
Senior QA & DevOps Manager
Virgin WiFi (VMB)

As Head of Test and Deployment, I run a team of software testers, DevOps engineers, automation engineers and core wireless network engineers responsible for delivering quality corporate and public Wi-Fi service for more than 100 million Wi-Fi users every year across 120,000 UK hotel rooms, 32 airports, London street and many other public and corporate sites.

Followed to 4 plus years of software development experience; I pursued my Masters in Future computing with major focus on cloud security and artificial intelligence. With almost 5 years’ experience in leading telecoms based test and deployment teams to build B2B automation framework, orchestration platform and business automation tools; I also lead the cyber security remediation and release management for Virgin Wi-Fi.

I am also a certified ISTQB, ITIL and Agile professional – currently my team and I are driving the change towards agile ITSM/DevOps for customer project deliveries and scrum based feature drops for product delivery with more focus on AI driven automation tools & implementing CI/CD pipeline across Virgin Wi-Fi products.

Co-Hosting Workshop

ITIL vs Agile (Does it require Transformation in Quality Engineering?

Does ITIL vs Agile play major role in automation driven test and deployment teams after merging service quality with agility and speed ?

A look at how major technology industries have been expanding their IT businesses using ITIL and other valuable frameworks for ITSM (IT Service Management). Industries are now shifting their focus towards improving service quality but at the same time trying to build agility with emergence of new technology and methodologies like Agile/Lean Software Development.

Does ITIL fit well within agile product driven organisation or is it primarily for customer project driven organisations ? Can ITIL and Agile truly co-exist ?

How does the transformation from ITIL into Agile or combination of both impacts the test and quality assurance teams ?