James Walker
Curiosity Software Ireland

James holds a PhD in data visualisation and machine learning, in the field of visual analytics, a topic that combines humans problem solving skills with the vast processing power of computers. James has given talks world-wide on the application of visual analytics, and has several articles in high impact journals. He has since applied these ground-breaking approaches to QA, as a senior software engineer at CA, focusing on Model-Based Testing and Test Data Management, and now as director of Curiosity Software Ireland. James is lead developer of several Curiosity tools, and has collaborated with numerous organizations to solve their software delivery challenges.
James is an established speaker and researcher, as well as software inventor.

Hosting Workshop

Understanding performance complexity: the case for introducing principles of functional testing to performance.

Testing complex applications rigorously for performance traditionally involves executing a high number of repetitious tests, using low variety test data. However, the goal of performance testing should be to exert realistic behavior. That means reflecting the full range of scenarios that could occur in production, at the full range of possible workloads. This interactive workshop will discuss how automated Load testing can cut across multi-tier architecture and the testing pyramid, generating rigorous tests and data to validate both performance and functionality. It will begin by presenting a technique where Load and functional tests are automated and maintained from the same central models, testing rapidly and rigorously across the UI, API, and database layer. The session will then lead into an open and interactive discussion of the approach, drawing on the range of experiences in the room.