James McDiarmid
Senior Test Automation Manager, Testing Services

James is a test specialist with over 24 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality Analysis covering industries such as Banking, Investment Management, Commodities, Telecoms and Supply Chain Innovation. He has a specific focus on Test Automation and in particular the automated testing of Cloud Delivered solutions. James has successfully added an Automated Test Function in to a number of high profile companies, all with the aim of reducing the time taken to complete regression testing and to improve the quality and reproducibility of the testing

Using Test Automation to take back control of your SaaS pipeline

The global SaaS market is booming – with forecast revenues of $140billion by 2022, even as overall IT spend has fallen. With the migration of their business processes and services to the cloud, clients have effectively lost control of part of their change timeline. Quarterly updates from vendors cannot be skipped, and may have a regressive impact on how the existing systems perform. This Presentation will look at the SaaS challenges  in greater detail and also discuss how these can be addressed effectively.