Richard Self

Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies

University of Derby

Richard spent 30 years in the aerospace industry spanning a wide range of roles in many business functions. Many of the roles involved interfacing between the business functions and the IT providers. This experience hasĀ  been invaluable during his 20 years as an academic at the University of Derby in the fields of Computing and Business in providing a real world focus to his teaching and research.

He is a regular speaker at national and international business conferences on the topic of Governance. His focus is on the most important questions that will help the audience cut through the marketing hype to the real capabilities and weaknesses of a wide range of technologies in order to be able to obtain business value from their investments.

Richard was nominated by the European Risk Policy Institute as one of the top 30 Risk Communicators during 2021.

In December 2020, he was nominated in the Tyto Tech 500 Power List – #38 Influencer in the UK, #2 Influencer in the European Academic list, #10 in the European AI/ML list and #60 in the overall European Top 500

Impact of the draft EU AI act on software testing and theĀ  use of Model Cards to demonstrate compliance with the act.

AI and machine learning systems are one of the current overhyped fads in the world of information systems. There is considerable evidence that only 20% of such systems eventually deliver business value. There is also a high degree of lack of trust in AI.

This presentation will consider some of the practical necessities that will help AI development and testing teams meet the needs of the draft EU AIA to demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of their systems and to provide evidence that the systems can be trusted within certain boundaries. It will show how the EU AIA will add value to the business, rather than being an unwanted overhead cost, in other words, creating model cards for all AI systems will added value for each project.