Ian Goddard
Napster Group

I begun my career over 10 years ago when I accidentally stumbled into broadcast television testing. This included running conformance testing for CI+, Freeview, and HbbTV regimes across the globe. I honed my skills driving an audio testing regime for the company by integrating Dolby testing for STB and iDTV conformance as well as laying the ground work for ATSC and HbbTV integration. I developed new conformance regimes for AAC/HE-AAC as well as continuing to assist companies such as the BBC, YouView, FreeView, Dolby and many more with traditional broadcast and OTT platforms. Most recently I have led the video playback QA team for DAZN, a leading sports streaming company, in their rapid global expansion and platform rebuild (a product with an imminent UK release date)

Currently I am helping build out the testing function at MelodyVR.


An Introduction to Testing Video Playback at Scale

Playback is a complex animal that is often overlooked or reduced in QA to simple cursory visibility checks. This talk will cover an overview of the architecture of live and on demand OTT (over the top) video streaming (as well as a brief covering of broadcast for reference) and the testing challenges that come from this, as well as some tips on how best to approach the planning of the testing effort to maximise the efficacy of your playback testing.

Pitched at a beginner to intermediate level, participants will leave with a knowledge of some of the moving parts that make up OTT video streaming and some of the approaches that can be utilised whilst testing playback