Hemanshu Chauhan

Head of Quality Engineering & Assurance
Global Relay

Hemanshu Chauhan is a thought leader in Quality Engineering domain with a blend of DevOps and Development experience. He has been in industry for over 12 years and has helped many clients in achieving Quality Engineering enabled solutions in DevOps & Agile work environment. Hemanshu has been endorsed as Global Talent by Tech Nation UK society and is a famous coach on different IT platforms like Medium, Meetup, Academia etc.

“Future of Quality Engineering with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence”

Why topic is important:

AL/ML is everywhere these days and it’s swelling like never before. Be it Alexa, Siri or Autonomous cars; nothing is untouched by AI/ML, then why Testing domain remain tail-enders. Lets see some of the QA use cases for AI/ML implementations and enhance the quality of products


The term “Machine Learning” was coined by AI pioneer Arthur Samuel, an engineer at MIT in 1959. But it all started well before the computer, since many mathematical foundations of modern ML come from statistics. Now let’s see how AI/ML is going to change the future of testing.