Grant Sutton

Delivery Manager

Extensive experience as test manager within telecommunication companies, now in charge of the UK delivery team of Clariter. ISTQB qualified test manager with a proven track record of success and invocation in quality assurance, software delivery and testing. Previous experience consists of working within large test organisations managing complex projects and programmes with multi-located teams. Now client focused, helping other organisations to deliver improved technical quality, experience, and customer journey assurance.

Beyond technical quality: build your digital solutions with a human-centric approach. (Business Cases of combined technical quality and customer journey)

We all consider our customers to be at the heart of what we do, but do we take time to listen and understand them and make our customers the focus of our decision making? This workshop aims to showcase a new concept of 360-degree QA which looks at human centricity needed for the new Digital paradigm, exploring business cases on how you can use services to provide the utmost meaningful insights through QA, Testing of Customer Experience and Initiatives of Co-Creation to support your decision making with data coming from real end-users, with the support of crowdsourcing and data science.