Steve McNickle

Director – EMEA


Steve has over 25 years’ experience helping companies deploy and derive benefits from technology innovation. He’s had the privilege of introducing and working with multiple ‘game changing’ automation and analytics technologies across financial, retail, telecoms and manufacturing sectors. Over the years he has worked with great people learning the challenges of and route to successful innovation adoption.

Going Beyond Functional Testing: Automated Rapid UX Testing and Analysis

In our current digital landscape, functional testing is simply not enough. Users today consume more advanced and sophisticated applications, across an ever-increasing variety of devices and infrastructures, thus it is critical for teams today to incorporate

user experience (UX) testing to assure a UX that stands out from the crowd.


How can teams achieve this quickly without disruptions to their team or release

cycles? This session will address the challenges of UX testing and explore how leading companies across multiple sectors, from retail and BFSI to gaming and digital media, are using automation and data to deliver optimal user experiences at speed, whilst reducing

costs and increasing new features per release.