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Giridhar Rajkumar
Test Automation Architect

With his 10+ years of experience in test automation, Giridhar has worked with multiple customers in the UK, EU, India and Latin America for a successful transformation on the way they work with regards to BDD. He has worked across various domains including Insurance, Banking and Media.

Giridhar is passionate about exploring new technologies and is an expert in Agile and DevOps. He is a successful trainer and trained over 1500+ professionals in Test Automation and BDD to get well-versed with the concepts and help them in implementing in real-time. Besides his Testing Profession, he spends his time in Web and Android development. He has innovated several IP tools that revolutionise the way testing works within the organisation. He has also developed an Android App – “Homing Pigeons for Test Automation Tools” which collates and shows the trending testing tools in the market.


BDD For A Successful Transformation

Many organisations across the globe are moving towards the transformation phase now. The transformation may include Digital, Agile or other types. In this talk, we will learn how BDD will be helpful for a successful transformation from the organisation level. We will see about the three factors – Collaborate, Common Language and Agility that influence the victory of transformation and how to achieve it.