Eyal Yovel
Senior Solution Architect

Eyal Yovel is a Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs based in London, UK, where he works with organizations across EMEA and the US to improve their testing practices and get the most value out of their investment in Sauce Labs.He has over 15 years of experience in software development and software automation. In that time, his roles combined coding, mentoring, consulting, and advanced troubleshooting in test frameworks across a wide range of environments and automation frameworks.He has a passion for learning new technologies and new test frameworks.


Title: Best Practices With Appium

Abstract: In this session, I will cover tips and tricks for using Appium. I will explain the following in my presentation; Appium Architecture, the new Appium Inspector and its “hidden” features, mobile Files Types and types of Mobile Applications as well as Locator Strategy for iOS and Android and how to start using Appium in Java and WebDriverIO frameworks.