Dr Ali Yildirim
EHR Software Test Lead
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Yildirim has mixed background in health care and software development. He worked as a consultant Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) before he started to do his PhD. He holds a PhD in Health Studies. During his PhD he has done a research project at Harvard University. He worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher at University of Oxford. Currently, He is doing a Part time MSc and research in Translational Health at University of Oxford, His areas of interest AI based health-Tech and testing challenging around AI based software’s. He is working as software Test Lead at Oxford Health NHS foundation Trust. He is also doing some voluntary work as a trustee in an refugee charity called “help.group” in Oxford.


How software testing help us to tackle with pandemic in NHS?

The NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge. Responding to the Covid-19 crisis will require everything we have and more. In the fight against this pandemic, decision-makers will need accurate real-time information. NHSX and NHS digital played great roles to developed and facilitated that information pipelines though out the Health tech apps and software’s. Most of the NHS trust around country developed internal software’s, forms or tools to help frontiers on Covid-19. As a trust  we have developed and tested a lot of different covid-19 forms and tools. In this talk I am planning to discuss challenging which we have faced during that periods, What we have done? What we have learnt? and what will happen after pandemics?