Dominic Plummer
Group Head Test Tooling and Non-Functional Testing

Dominic has 25+ years of practical hands-on test experience and is a quality evangelist.  Dominic believes that the insights from the quality process can transform both the SCLD process and the carbon footprint of technology change.


Vineet Arora
Group Service Virtualisation lead

Vineet Arora is a technologist with 14+ years’ experience,  with a primary focus on embedding innovation in quality standards and practices.  Vineet is currently leading the NatWest Service Virtualisation portfolio.  Vineet truly believes in the purpose of developing sustainable technology solutions and how they can  have positive impact on wider planet.  In his words, “If we continue business-as-usual, the IT sector will be responsible for 14% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2040 [HBR, 2020]. There is a need to develop sustainable solutions and use green technology that can enable people to reverse the negative effects of human activities on the ecosystem. By defining green technology principles in the development lifecycle will help us in that mission”]



Title: Carbon reduction the equivalent to 30,000 trees or Central Park – pioneering thinking for testers

Abstract: The Natwest group have established a Testing Special Interest group to reduce the carbon footprint of the test process.  This group’s purpose is to  Drive awareness, grow advocacy and develop Organisational Momentum Establish and articulate green testing principles and good practise

Accelerate innovation

Implementation action

This is the story of the journey so far!