Daryl Elfield
Partner, Testing Services

Daryl has over 25 years of experience in testing, predominantly in Financial Services, covering Banking, Insurance and Investment Management from a software quality perspective, with a proven track record of test leadership and cost reduction. Daryl has delivered over 100 projects at all levels of complexity with specific expertise in software quality assurance, automation and performance testing. He has built test functions at sub, divisional and cross-divisional level and conducted test audits of major corporations in banking, pharmaceuticals, public and media sectors. For the past 8 years, Daryl has built, grown and now operates KPMG’s award-winning Quality Engineering and Testing Services practice.


“You cannot expect success if you plan for failure”

Abstract: In 25 years of working in our industry, one consistent character trait I see is defeatism – we expect failure, or are overly ready to accept it.  Failure to get buy-in to our test strategies, or our ability to convince stakeholders of the importance of testing – and ultimately we expect the product to fail.  Which, if we have failed to do the first two, will inevitably happen!

Building on the previous keynotes by my colleagues Keith Klain and Theo Nzegwu, I intend to use this session to share:

1) how expecting failure from the beginning almost guarantees it will happen,

2) Some tips and tricks I’ve used, and observed, that can turnaround your own perception, those of your colleagues, and ultimately improve not just product quality but your own sense of self-worth!

Sound too good to be true?  See, that’s your defeatism kicking in already!