Priya Savikumar

Head of Test

Strong experience in Test Management , Test Infrastructure management and Test automation.

  • Proven experience in leading cross functional teams , driving agile best practices in testing and establishing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Excellent client engagement skills along with planning releases, managing test delivery and presenting test proposals to client business teams.
  • Significant experience in risk analysis, risk based testing, test environment management, software configuration management, effort estimation, test reporting and defect tracking.
  • Above skills underpinned by strong coding/scripting skills and rich understanding of software systems and tools.

Continuous testing in digital engineering

The real superpower of the people is not just their skills but its their alignment on the values, perspective, diversity of thinking, inclusivity, collaboration and behaviour. In an inclusive workplace, employees are more engaged with their work and team, meaning they are more likely to stay with a company. This talk will focus on discussing the best ways in building an inclusive onboarding experience that will focus on making the new hire and the team feel welcome, included, valued, and respected all the time.