Colin Hammond


Colin Hammond, is an Engineer by training and has spent all of his 34 of year career in IT.  He has worked for over 30 organisations in many sectors and held most IT roles.  He is passionate about continuously seeking to find better, measurable ways to improve software work. Four years ago he started to look at automating requirements analysis in order to solve two of the fundamental problems that prevent large software projects from being successful.  From this research he created ScopeMaster® the world’s most advanced software requirements analyser.

The Ultimate in Shift Left Testing, Testing Requirements with AI

  • Learn from our experiences of analysing 250,000 user stories.
  • Learn about fundamentals software requirements quality and software functional sizing and how this can help deliver software faster better and cheaper.
  • How ScopeMaster® analyses, tests, sizes and helps you to refine a set of requirements faster than doing so manually.
  • Learn about the three benefits of automated requirements analysis
    • Requirements QA
    • Automated functional sizing
    • Automated functional test generation