Kashif Husain
Team Lead Presales Solution Architect

A seasoned Testing professional who has worked across a variety of sectors that include the Financial, Retail and Tech arena. He is currently a Solution Architect at Tricentis, an industry leader in Continuous Testing. Using his deep understanding of IT environments, processes and key industry trends he has helped a number of his clients successfully implement and integrate Test Automation solutions using the latest cutting edge technology.


Changing the rules of testing: How AI will shape the future of your quality practice

For years, artificial intelligence has been the #1 trending topic in software testing, and recent advancements are taking this trend from hype to reality. Incorporating this technology into your testing practice can reshape the way your organization approaches quality. It can democratize testing and bridge the gap between testers and business stakeholders by making automation more accessible to less technical roles.
In this session, Chris Trueman, SVP of LiveCompare and Packaged Applications at Tricentis, will show you why AI must be on every testing leader’s radar. He’ll walk you through three common use cases, from extreme shift-left testing to simplifying the modernisation of complex enterprise application landscapes.
You’ll learn about:
  • The evolution of test automation
  • Using AI to improve production application quality
  • Making testing an integral part of your agile DevOps process
Hosting Workshop

Building a scalable, more continuous future for DevOps

Now more than ever, organisations must develop strategies to ensure continuity of operations, improve efficiency, and adapt products to changing customer demand. However, many are finding it difficult to reconcile the mismatched clock-speed of testing with today’s accelerated pace of development/delivery.

Join us as we’ll help you eliminate the pitfalls within DevOps in Enterprise DevOps adaptations. We’ll offer customer insights, including Aegon, into the strategic shifts you can make to improve operational efficiency, improve DevOps workflows, further DevOps success, and sustain your business in the long term.