Bill Watson
Test Manager

Bill’s first foray into software came with a Dragon 32 computer in the early 1980s. Having a computer with a less than popular OS meant adapting his first programmes from a ZX Spectrum magazine and lengthy debugging sessions ensued.  After diversions into a number of non-tech fields, he returned to the fold and now has over twenty years’ experience in the IT industry. In this time he has worked in both contract and permanent roles in Europe and Africa ranging in scale from multinationals like Sony Ericsson, to being the first tester in the door at small companies. Bill is currently a Test Manager in the BBC, responsible for accepting outsourced IT projects into the corporation.


Title: User Acceptance Testing; why it matters and why it’s probably important to you even if you don’t think it is…

Abstract: In this session I will look into the dark arts of managing User Acceptance Testing. If you run UAT campaigns yourself or provide software and systems to third parties who run their own UAT this session is for you.