Avinash Kannamadakala
Test Automation Analyst
British Telecom

An enthusiastic automation analyst with over 5 years of extensive experience on designing and developing automation test strategies for different range of applications on various technologies. I have played a key part in delivering automation frameworks with plug and play capabilities so that the teams are enabled to write scripts from Day 1. I am also responsible for enhancing the automation test architecture by implementing containerization into test in our device farm.
A very strong supporter of Agile and BDD ways of working and enabled almost 50 running squads into BDD ways of working.
Aspiring to build the current Automation estate to an Autonomous Test estate.

Co-presenting with Muthu Velayutham

3 A’s of Digital Transformation in QA

Presentation description: n this era of digital transformation, the rate of change is always continuing to increase with the days passing by. This has put an unrelenting pace on the QA teams. With all the phases involved in quality how do we finish faster is the most challenging question and what have we done to address and adopt to this next generation Industry needs in QA.

This talk will focus on how we leveraged Agile, Automation and Artificial Intelligence to solve the next generation Industry needs in QA.

  1. Transformation to Agile.
  2. AI Assisted automated Test Planning and Test Buddy.
  3. Smart Test execution Orchestration Engine.