Anne – Kathrin Tornette
Head of QA
Blink Labs GmbH

Anne started her career in the automotive industry and after having worked that space for 2 years, then moved into the eCommerce sector. To date, she has now worked for 10 years in the Testing domain. Anne is specialized in building Quality Assurance teams from scratch and implementing QA strategies. Currently, she and her dachshund are shaping and optimizing the Quality vision at Blinkist.


From Mess to Yes

We need QA!! Who didn’t heard this call for help before?
But where to start and how to implement Quality?
In this talk, I will explain how to identify the pain points within the company – and which challenges we faced from integrating QA in the process, changing the testing mindsets, scaled the QA team from 1 to 11 people and how to collaborate with other stakeholders.

You will learn about:
How to move away from a QA agency & impaired the testing culture
The effect of implementing a Level framework for the QA career path and hiring
How a simple Device Board have influenced everything.

Why is this topic important to attendees?

11 Months ago I joined Blinkist as Head of QA. For 6 years QA was: the CTO tests in the evening with a beer the Product on our Live Systems.
In this presentation, I will speak about the challenges I faced during the transformation of taking over the Quality domain. (Defining current Quality situation, Release & Merging issues, QA Ressource Bottleneck, Test automation)
The Advantage of embedded QA members in mission teams or squads and dissolve QA an agency model.
How defining a Career Path helped to keep the team engagement high and supported me with hiring.