Alexander Oliveira Dunn
Head of Quality
Altitude Angel

After a long career in teaching I turned a long term interest in computers and programming into the next step in my career. Passionate about quality, I soon realised that many test tasks are repetitive and can be automated. The joy of test automation.
After initially working with Content Management Systems, I switched to Data Management and Quality at Experian Data Quality. In my current role I balance test strategy with hands on work in manual and automated test development as Head of Quality at Altitude Angel.
In my spare time I write and publish open source test frameworks and write about the challenges of life as a developer in test on my blog at


Making the most of scarce resources. Automated Test Specialists

In a world where test automation is king, ‘developers in test’ need to think like a tester, but have the skills of a programmer.
If we cannot find enough to write all the test automation that we need, then maybe we need to recognise that they cannot do it all.
At the same time, ‘manual testers’ seem to be very much out of fashion, but perhaps the idea that all testers need to be able do automation should be challenged.
As well as finding solutions that work within our own teams, as an industry we also need to look very seriously at how we ensure that we have the test automation skills that we require to be competitive in a world of continuous deployment.