Al Lines
Vice President
Moody’s Investors Service

Al is still passionate about testing – even though he has been working in the field for almost 2 decades. He has been involved in testing systems of varying sizes, such as safety critical ones running the national railways, to a landmine… Most of his work has been in the finance sector, in different asset classes, working on trading systems ensuring they are fit for purpose. Over the last year he has been able to enjoy more quality time with his small (?) but growing Lego collection, aided by his testing motto of  “Life is too short for poor quality wine”.


Title: The Art of Testing … Yourself

Abstract: In the IT world we normally focus on validating and testing ephemeral things – software. How does it work if instead we focus on the hardware  – ourselves. Do we often challenge and test ourselves? Can be become better QA’s from doing so? A view from the sharp end…