Narayanan Palani

Quality Engineering – Chapter Lead

Lloyds Banking Group

As a Quality Engineering Chapter Lead of major financial institution in United Kingdom,I work as hands-on SDeT on automation, accessibility, performance and security testing and responsible for shaping Quality Engineers on Google Cloud. Holding certifications from Google, Microsoft, Scaled Agile, DevOps Institute, International Software Testing Qualifications Board, International Software Quality Institute, with an MS in Software Engineering and Executive MBA. My online courses are subscribed by at least 35000+ students across 158+ countries worldwide. I am an author of the book series ‘Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed’ and receiver of ‘Best Test Manager of the Year’ award from European Software Testing Awards, Year 2019. My latest book on ‘Automated Software Testing with Cypress’ is scheduled to release from Routledge CRC Press during April 2021.

AI Driven Quality Engineering Transformation

As a lucrative digital transformation story, this session explains the recent implementations of Artificial Intelligence focused toolsets that enabled QAs to shift left their testing to focus towards ‘defect prevention’ to improve accessibility testing, test reporting and test automation using AxeDevTools IGT, ReportPortal and CypressIO