Aaron Fox
Technical Product Engineer

Aaron Fox is a Product Engineer with SmartBear Software based in Galway, Ireland. Every day he speaks with people from a wide range of industries who are trying to test and develop faster, more efficiently and in a more automated way.  These conversations give Aaron valuable insight into industry trends particularly around mindsets and tooling.  Specializing in both UI and API testing solutions and tooling, Aaron understands the importance of speed, accuracy and time but also the pitfalls people often fall into in their attempts for leaner more efficient automated solutions. Aaron began his career as a geology, a story he very much likes to tell.


Testing the Front-End, Back-End, and Everything in Between

Testers are always looking to gain confidence in their latest releases, while also saving resources! Wondering how this is possible when you need to test every component of the application, and all of their interactions? Both the front-end and back-end of applications are often discussed independently with regards to their importance, however in order to guarantee success, you must test BOTH. Aaron Fox from SmartBear discusses how to successfully implement a strategy for testing both the UI and API sides of your application. Learn how you can reuse work you’ve already completed, effectively test the critical components of your application, and save time, money, and effort. Attendees will walk away with an end-to-end testing strategy for success and best practices for maximizing test coverage to share with their team!