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Odin Technology

Odin Technology are delighted to announce their test automation platform, Scriptworks, officially launched at the US StarWest trade show in October. Scriptworks provides a simple, intuitive visual test authoring interface coupled with powerful capabilities for the automation of Web, Mobile Apps and API testing.

Scriptworks is a part of Odin, a company with over twenty years of test automation experience including the Enterprise test automation platform Axe used by over 130 clients globally.

We believe Scriptworks is functionally one of the best test automation tools on the market today allowing simplification of test automation, reusability, and scalability and from a business perspective a rapid ROI.

Scriptworks is subscription based automated testing offering with a unique visual test authoring interface. Scriptworks is aimed at supporting non-technical testers in rapidly delivering automated tests.

Scriptworks also integrates with popular frameworks and infrastructure vendors to meet the demands of Continuous Delivery environments, ‘Run Anywhere, Run Concurrently’.

Scriptworks provides detailed test reporting, the ability to launch multiple browser and device configurations concurrently and can aid insight into the non-functional performance of tests.

With cutting edge AI features to assist in object identification, tests are more resilient to application changes from the first run. Coupled with the visual authoring capability, Scriptworks speeds up the initial test creation process ensuring a rapid payback on your test automation efforts.

We have created a tiered pricing structure to reflect our client’s testing needs (and ability for the product to grow with your automation needs). We are so confident that Scriptworks will quickly meet your current and future needs that we offer a free account on our website.

Scriptworks is cloud-hosted or installed on-premise as required. The tiered price entry points allows you to grow as your automation capability scales, ensuring a cost-effective growth route.