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netZima is an innovative and dynamic company which has been dedicated to the industrialisation of corporate management software development for over 15 years.

In 2006 the feasibility our ideas on how to efficiently create IT systems was demonstrated with the first commercial version of icaria Lean Factory, our Low Code Platform for complex business information systems.

Back in 2015, and foreseeing the coming of GDPR, icaria technology development team focused on creating a powerful tool for quality and testing teams that helps safely managing sensitive information. They came up with icaria Mirage.

icaria Mirage is the solution for sensitive data Discovery and Protection that works with most popular databases. “Data that look real but aren’t” is the philosophy that guides icaria Mirage design. Therefore, the data obtained after a Smart Masking process can be used in testing and simulation environments. The outcome dataset has the coherency and richness of real data, but without sensitive information.

netZima also provides test data management capabilities with icaria Lean Tester. Its goals are reducing time and costs, and improving accuracy of business software testing activities, through an active test data management. icaria Lean Tester provides the right test data at the right moment, in the right environment and as many times as required. Data are linked to an specific test case, as well as the expected result. The platform checks the test outcome from a data perspective. icaria Lean Tester operates in both manual and automated testing environments.