Cigniti Technologies is a global leader in AI-powered, IP-led Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering, Advisory and Transformation, and Quality Assurance services. We provide focused service offerings across industries such as BFSI, HCLS, Retail, TTH, ISVs, and more to help businesses go Digital-First. With its headquarters in Hyderabad, India, Cigniti is based in 24 countries with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, Czech Republic, Singapore, and South Africa. We bring the power of AI into Agile and DevOps and offer digital services encompassing Intelligent Automation, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Migration Assurance, 5G Assurance, Digital Customer Experience Assurance, Blockchain, and much more.

As changemakers, Cigniti assures Digital Transformation across the value chain, helpingcompanies overcome challenges as they implement new technologies to continuously achieve digital and business outcomes. We help clients build modern robust, intuitive, secure, and future-ready software to go digital and beyond. Our 300+ clients, including 60+ Fortune 500 and 80+ Global 2000 companies, are a testament to our expertise.

BlueSwan – Cigniti’s proprietary AI-led and nextgeneration Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering platform with predict capabilities helps clients innovate and assure product and platform excellence.

Our services and IP are uniquely equipped to enable your digital outcomes. The outcomes we deliver are:

  •  AI-led assurance and innovation for digital excellence
  • Accelerated software readiness for market leadership
  • Business assurance for growth and transformation
  • Helping you build modern, robust, intuitive, intelligent, secure, and future-ready software
  • Helping you achieve scale
  • Assisting you in delivering great experiences
  • Navigating the digital journey for you

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