Stewart Paxton

Digital Development Manager

Scottish Power

Corporate agile – is it working?

Over the years I have worked within lot’s of development teams who are all trying to reduce waste, risk and improve efficiencies so they can produce amazing software. I believe that developing and testing software within an agile culture is by far the best way we know at the moment to do this. The issues come when we try and bring this culture and it’s frameworks into large corporate organisations. The workshop will cover the good and the bad parts of this type of adoption.


I have been managing and developing software for over 15 years. I have a real passion for developing products that follow Agile clean code best practices and cutting-edge web technologies.

I am currently a senior member of the Scottish Power Digital team. My responsibilities include leading and managing a fast paced team of Software Developers, within an Agile environment. I manage the implementation of hygienes that improve code quality and ensuredevelopers adhere to high standards and are as efficient as possible. I also help bring the technical and business worldstogether by owning and developing products, undertaking business analysis, writing requirements, market/user research, writing user stories and working with the stakeholders within our Agile environment following a user-centric design-led approach.