Sowmya Ramesh

Test Lead

2i Testing

The 10Cs towards becoming a testing practitioner

Not to be mystified with any connections to the 10 commandments, this session is all about professional development. The metamorphosis from being a test manager to a testing practitioner has been a personal aspiration which led me to think of the attributes demonstrated by some of highly seasoned professionals I look up to. Strangely enough, a lot of them seem to start with the letter C – what a ‘co-incidence’ you might say! In this session I wish to share my thoughts on what it takes to be a testing professional commanding respect of peers, someone who has transitioned from an amateur to expert status, one who is considered a leader in thoughts and actions. As much as this is about technical competence, there are several behavioural aspects expected at such a level in one’s career. I am on an endeavour to understand whether we all have these qualities innately or can we develop some of them through various techniques? Needless to mention all alphabets are welcome to this session! As part of an interactive exercise the audience will get a chance to express about what you consider to be an important characteristic to reach this milestone which need not start with the same alphabet (and hence confirm I am not fixated!). So hope to C you there!


Sowmya is a testing professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in a range of business domains in a consultancy environment. Having started her career as a developer, she found her way into testing and has not looked back since. Apart from testing, Sowmya is deeply interested in the topic of accessibility – hence she considers herself a champion for quality and equality! Currently a test lead, Sowmya has been an active blogger within her company and considers blogging to be one of the best forms of expression in current times. She enjoys interacting with people and believes communication is one of the most important aspects of her professional life. Outside work, Sowmya is a mother of two young children and a trained Indian classical dancer. Curious, meticulous and tenacious – that’s Sowmya in a nutshell.