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3 Penta Court,
Station Road,


Prolifics Testing

Prolifics Testing (formerly e-testing) is a UK based Testing Services company with over 30 years’ experience.  As part of the Prolifics Group we have over 1,500 employees based in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and India. We offer a whole portfolio of Testing Services including Strategic Test Consultancy, Manual Functional Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Data (ETL) Testing, Digital Test Lab Services (Web/Mobile/CMS) and over 27 Training Courses.

There are two reasons, which we feel makes us truly unique in the marketplace.  Firstly the long term relationships we have developed with our clients which include McKesson (20 years), Deloitte (17 years), VMWare (9 years), Lloyds Banking Group (8 years) and Cancer Research UK (5 Years).

Secondly the significant IPR we have developed in terms of our Test Accelerators that we offer Free of Chargeas part of any client engagement:

  • BA360– Automated Manual Test Case Generation through Machine Learning & Analytics – Our tool generated 1,500 test cases in just 4 days vs 187 man-days to do manually! All Test Cases can be exported into any Test Management tool, with pre-built connectors for ALM & Jira
  • Effecta Test Automation Accelerator– Code Free & Script Free Test Automation which is integrated into Selenium, UFT, Appium & Jenkins to support CI & DevOps – We Reduced Scripting Time by 80% when compared to out-of-the box scripting with Selenium or UFT
  • Data Mining Engine– Enables Automated Test Data Extraction & Management – Links directly to UFT & Selenium to ensure Automated Scripts never fail due to out of date Test Data
  • Validation Manager– Automated Validation for any Data, from any Source to any Target System – Our tool validated over 3 billion fields in a matter of hours & it can Transform Data for ETL too
  • Performance Test Accelerator– Reduces Performance Scripting Time by 30 to 40% through Script Enhancers & Filters, Automated Test Data Extraction, Agentless Monitoring & Automated Report Generation – Complete Integration with JMeter, LoadRunner, Jenkins for Performance Engineering and Docker for Containerization
  • Security Test Accelerator– Application Scan to detect for Vulnerability Threats