Lee Crossley

Lee Crossley

Head of Test Automation


on The Future of (senior) Testers…

A look at the current changes within the industry in terms of test management positions and where the axe may have swung too far. And how the landscape looks now and where do we see it going in the future with more and more test responsibility being folded into tightly integrated delivery teams.
Who becomes the recruiter of tomorrows talent?, who mentors and guides the test team members?

An experienced test professional, key note speaker and a keen multi disciplined technologist. 

Test strategy creation and implementation is a speciality as well as excellent client facing, team management & consultancy skills. Experience gained on a number of large scale, high profile projects within the financial (Voice Biometrics, Face Biometrics – Mobile) & public sector. Lee also led a team to winning a European Software Testing Award (Best Financial Test Project in Europe Finance) for a test strategy he created called Iterative Rapid Testing (IRT) which seamlessly fits into any agile/waterfall led project across all Test phases and UAT.