Ali Hill

QA and Continuous Delivery Consultant

ECS Digital

Collaboration and Automation

In the world of DevOps and Continuous Delivery how can we as Software Testers adapt to continue to add value within our teams?

Within my cross-functional Agile team, the testing activity had become a bottleneck. The ‘To Do’ cards on my Kanban board were piling up. As the sole test specialist within my team I felt as if I was preventing us from being able to release code to our live environment. Frustrated, we got together as a team to discuss how we could fix this problem.
Our solution? I was going to share my exploratory and automated testing knowledge with the team. We were going to test throughout the software development process. We could design test plans and discuss technical challenges together. No longer was I going to be the only one who could write our automated test scripts. We were going to collaborate in our automated testing effort.
In this interactive presentation I would like to discuss challenges that delegates are facing in creating a cross-team testing effort, whilst sharing my own successes with increasing collaboration. I will share with you how our team removed the testing bottleneck, increased productivity and started to become true cross-functional team members.

Ali has been a software tester for nearly five years after graduating with a History degree from the University of Edinburgh.

Beginning his career in the games industry testing GTA V at Rockstar North he then moved into a more traditional Agile testing role at Craneware. It was here that he made the move into automation through his passion for self-learning and was responsible for creating a cross-team performance testing strategy. He has recently started in the position of QA and Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECS Digital.

After presenting his ‘Technical Testing Journey’ at UKSTAR in March 2018, recently Ali has been interested in learning how software testing can flourish in the world of DevOps and Continuous Delivery and has been sharing his testing knowledge within his cross-functional team.