Wayne Tofteroo
Test Manager Test Center of Excellence
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Building a DevOps Culture

Building a DevOps culture involves a shift in major IT roles and responsibilities that redefines team structures based on DevOps principles. How to adjust team roles and organisational structures, as well as best practices for creating and implementing an effective DevOps plan?

Learning DevOps Skills

DevOps skills are many and varied, and while traditional skill sets serve as an effective foundation, top skills for DevOps roles also include the ability to communicate effectively with various groups and to break free from traditional IT roles. Focus on the skills required for enterprise DevOps roles.

Martyn Coupland
Director, Azure DevOps

DevOps and the Cloud

DevOps and Cloud go hand-in-hand, enabling application deployment and automation. Will DevOps be the key to Enterprise Cloud? And what new challenges does operating in the Cloud present?

Pooja Nayyar
Programme Manager – DevOps


DevOps isn’t just about Development and Operations teams. If you want to take full advantage of the agility and responsiveness of a DevOps approach, IT security must also play an integrated role in the full life cycle of your applications. Effective DevOps ensures rapid and frequent development cycles (sometimes weeks or days), but outdated security practices can undo even the most efficient DevOps initiatives. How can this be stopped from happening?

Gabriel Cismondi
iGenius, the AI company

How do Microservices support DevOps?

Microservices are changing not only how organisations release new applications, but application architectures. How do microservices support DevOps? How can enterprises benefit from improved fault isolation?

Guru Raghupathy
Head of DevOps
Tribal Worldwide London (DDB UK)

DevOps at Scale using Kubernetes

The invisible DevOps – discuss and learn how about:

  • setting up a proper development environment using Kubernetes / Traefik / Haproxy
  • add monitoring capability (including alerting) to the cluster using Prometheus
  • hands on session using Spring / REST.

ChatOps to improve team collaboration

How important is fast, effective communication during the software development lifecycle? What if you could improve how your team communicates and improve efficiency at the same time? How can ChatOps improve team collaboration?

Succeeding with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

How to implement DevOps with continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery? How can you best apply lean thinking in your organisation and give value to the end customer? How can you create an automated deployment pipeline?

Narayanan Palani
Chapter Lead – Quality Engineering
Lloyds Banking Group

DevOps Software Testing

Think QA has no place in DevOps? Think again. DevOps testing involves continuous testing, and it’s key on the journey to a fully integrated DevOps methodology. How should QA and Testing departments respond to this new landscape and the importance testing strategies?

Test data management

The shift to an increasingly flexible and dynamic development process requires rapid access to the appropriate test data. How can streamlined test data management aid continuous delivery?

Performance testing

How can we optimise performance testing in an age of automation? How can bottlenecks be solved and prevented?

Testing in an AI World

What should testers know in this new world of AI? How do we test AI systems as part of our normal workload? How do we deal with tools that employ AIs to support the testing process? How can we ensure clean data and minimise bias in outcomes? How can we accommodate bias?

Samuel Adesoga
Agile Coach
Dacht Solutions Limited

Agile testing

What is agile, how does it work and what are the alternatives? Is an agile approach always the best way to test?

Dileep Marway
QA Manager
The Economist


Outsourcing, be it onshore or offshore, can offer significant financial benefits, but what risks, if any, are involved?

Testing strategies for mobile applications

As the mobile app market evolves, how can you ensure continuous quality given the large and growing number of different devices and operating systems?

Maryann Lockley
Head of QA
Camelot Group

Does test automation mark the end of manual testing?

What are the new trends in test automation, and should we be aiming for 100% coverage? How do you implement modern manual testing to compliment automation efforts?