About DevTEST Executive Workshops

DevOpsOnline.co.uk and TEST Magazine, the authoritative, thought-provoking, and informative sources of information on all issues related to software testing and development, operations and digital transformation, must consistently evolve to ensure they deliver their readers the most up-to-date information on the latest industry trends.

In order to achieve the above, the DevTEST Executive Workshops are a pivotal mechanism, bringing together Heads of IT, Heads of Departments, Chief Engineers, Chief Architects, Release/Delivery Operations Managers, Software Developers and Testing professionals through a series of debates, peer-to-peer networking, and supplier interaction.

How have the DevTEST Executive Workshops come about?

DevOpsOnline.co.uk and TEST Magazine spend a lot of time speaking and listening to readers, and seeking out innovative ways to meet their needs. It has become apparent that senior decision makers wish to discuss their challenges in a meaningful and structured manner, with a view to finding pragmatic and workable solutions on complex issues. This knowledge, led by DevOpsOnline.co.uk and TEST Magazine, launched the DevTEST Executive Workshops, which have now become a successful annual event for the third year running.


DevOpsOnline.co.uk and TEST Magazine consistently strive to push the market forward, priding themselves on delivering up‑to‑date and cutting edge editorial, helping readers develop long‑term strategies through implementing sustainable solutions.

DevTEST Executive Workshops consistently stay one step ahead of the market and identify up-and-coming trends, chances, and nuances. DevTEST Executive Workshops attract 200 leading DevOps and Software Testing professionals so they can discuss and debate key subjects to provide DevOpsOnline.co.uk and TEST Magazine with the ability to interact more fully with their readers and report back on the industry regarding the most pertinent subject areas.

Each debate session is voice-recorded with the results published in the DevTEST Executive Workshops Supplement, which will be distributed online to the wider DevOps and Testing community.

Delegates can of course opt out of the supplement, but those who are happy to be quoted will join a key group of professionals that are instrumental in helping shape and move the market forward.