Yong Yuen He
Software Test Engineer

I have been an accountant, waitress, entrepreneur, translator, illustrator, author, airline staff, customer service agent… the list goes on and on… until a couple of years ago. Currently, I am in my first role in the Tech Industry as Test Engineer at BookingGo and I am loving the openness, diversity and endless self-development opportunities.

Not only am I passionate about Agile, Ways of Working, and Customer Focussed Development, I am also an advocate for people with little to no previous technical background who are eager to learn and bring a diverse range of skill sets to their companies.
I believe it is important to put human faces for the companies we work for, the software we build and the users they are built for and to do so, we need to remember that we are more than just our technical skills.

I am loud, resilient, excited and fighting my imposter syndrome one day at a time.
Outside testing, I cook, eat and repeat.


Agile Tester in making: mixing real life with transferable skills

Why is a magnificent software tester a product of both nature and nurture?

Nature is my non-tester experience, soft skills, curiosity and me as an individual

Nurture is supportive mentors, Agile environment, encouragement to learn.

This allowed me to build up my technical skills, usage of tooling and professional testing methodologies.

All these carried me across teams regardless of the domain or product

Because domain knowledge and technical skills are supportive, but not defining factors of an Agile tester.

Let’s walk through my journey as a Business Admin and Marketing graduate, Creative Writing Graduate, Waitress, a parent and an international professional and how I had deemed these irrelevant and out of date due to my new role in the tech industry at first.

It is a journey of realisation why we are more than just our CVs, and why all our skills and experiences are transferable and working in a new industry or domain does not make me any less.

It shows the code we work with has real life meaning and we can use every day examples to understand the user better.