Terry Brown
Director of Software Engineering

Terry has worked as a software engineer for 25 years, has headed up teams, and is now Director of Software Engineering at GSK helping the organisation on a tech transformation and a move to product focussed thinking. His tech interest is around performance, automation, and resilience in systems. His leadership focus is around focus on the customer, culture, psychological safety, empathy, emotional intelligence, mental health and helping teams bring their best selves to their work.


DevOps for Humans

How many different definitions of DevOps have you seen? How many of them focus on tooling and ignore the most important aspects of DevOps? How many tell you if you aren’t doing “X” you’re doing it wrong? This isn’t one of those talks…

This talk will bring you DevOps from a different angle. It’ll cover the why behind DevOps, the various models that have become popular when talking about it and implementing system improvements. It’ll highlight some effective practices and anti-patterns, and it’ll deliver insights into the cultural, process, and practice changes that high performing teams adopt in their pursuit of flow of value.

You don’t have to be from a tech background to get value from this talk – tooling is barely mentioned. You will leave the talk with clarity on how DevOps could fit into your own organisations, what your first (and future) steps could be, and have the whole topic will be demystified.