Taheerah Atchia
Head of Testing

Taheerah Atchia is a QA advocate with a passion for improvement in Quality processes. She specialises in Agile Testing and in developing teams to realign their methods of working to a more collaborative and productive ethic. Having worked with a few household names that are specialists in their field (,, Taheerah has honed her capabilities in coaching, mentoring and team leading, as well as more strategic and technical demands associated with testing. Her mission is to develop teams to transform their thinking, approach and capability, resulting in a happier and more efficient workforce.


Anatomy of an Academy: Coaching Teams to Embrace Left-Shifting and Quality Advocacy

Transforming the way legacy teams work is never easy, and standard training courses aren’t as in-depth as needed and deal too much in theories rather than grounding in practical examples. So what do you do? Easy – invent your own course!

I provide an exclusive insight to the Agile Testing Academy – a training programme based on years of industry experience with a heavy focus on practical use. I’ll talk you through how I developed the concept using Lean principles, and how I took it out much further than just Testers to fully embrace and develop whole teams to work more collaboratively and functionally together.