Shay Weiss
VP of Engineering
Goldman Sachs

Combining a passion for software craftsmanship with a healthy dose of laziness and natural dislike for stress, Shay naturally gravitated to the famously stress-free fields of DevOps, Site Reliability, and Developer Experience. Shay avidly ensures that he and his colleagues would have a good time in their day-to-day sprint work, while on call, and when releasing to production.

In his decade-long career, he has improved the culture, processes, and infrastructure of  CI/CD, on-call, and change management in whatever organization he finds himself, to meet an ever growing scale of production traffic and developer headcount.

Valuing people first, Shay found his calling in management. There, he could best mentor, serve, and advocate for his fellow engineers. As he will explain in his keynote, Shay’s philosophy is that a workplace with an engineering culture, change management processes, and mindset that holistically takes care of people as well as the business, ends up with the best outcomes for everyone.


On-Call as a Scam

In this talk we’ll discuss the OCaaS (“On-Call as a Scam”) model and how it optimizes for production health excellence, engineer happiness and satisfaction, and business success.

We’ll talk about the role, impact, and importance of on-call for your product/business, the mindset of the on-call engineer, best practices for healthy on-call culture and process, and why the best case scenario is when your engineers feel like they are scamming you at the end of every on-call shift.