Scott Dainty
Lead Consultant UK

Scott leads SeaLights’ engagements in the UK.

Prior to joining SeaLights Scott worked with a number of innovative software companies across test, DevOps and Cloud to bring agility and quality to software delivery. This includes stints with Nolio, Mercury Interactive, Skytap, and AppDynamics.

Scott began his IT career developing payment authorisation systems which are still used by some of Europe’s largest banks.


Using AI to drive Smart Test Execution and Reduce Test Times

As continuous integration becomes the norm, testing is still a major bottleneck that reduces velocity for delivery teams.  As the codebase grows and matures, associated test suites grow and running full regression suites may take hours.  This reduces the frequency of integrations, which can introduce additional risks and reduce the benefits of continuous integration.  Test Impact Analysis is a technique that significantly reduces test time by dynamically building smaller regression suites with relevant tests to validate the changes being committed.

Takeaways:  By using Test Impact Analysis, test execution times can be reduced by up to 95%.