René Schwietzke

René Schwietzke is a founder of Xceptance. He has served as Xceptance’s Managing Director since 2004 and plays a major role in shaping the company’s profile, including the continuous evaluation and development of our test tools and services. He has been serving as CEO of Xceptance, Inc. in Cambridge, MA, USA since 2006. Prior to founding Xceptance, René was the Technical Director of the quality assurance department of Intershop Communications AG, thus gaining first-hand experience in the fields of e-commerce and web-based software. René holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Brandenburg University of Technology.


Performance Success Criteria – How Test Results are Evaluated and Rated

Load and performance testing is an essential part of the life cycle of any modern application. But sharing the state of the tests and talking about goals is extremely hard, partially because not everyone speaks the same language. On one side it is about the impact on the business, and on the other side about the technical implications of design decisions or what should be done to improve performance.

In many occasions the target goals are already vague and not unified in the sense that everyone understands them. This presentation suggests general criteria for a load and performance test, explains them in detail and how a rating is finally applied to aid the decision process and support all participating organizations.

This topic is based on Xceptance’s 15 year of performance consulting and the challenges surrounding to set, evaluate, communicate, and finally sell performance results.

Audience: All performance testers, engineering managers, product managers and who has to make decisions based on results
Takeaway: A guide how to see, setup criteria and communicate results or maybe… just to get an idea how to think about it