Olu Oyadare
Senior Product Manager

Olu is the Senior Product Manager overseeing the products, tools and processes for BBC’s TV certification programme. A former developer himself, he has a wide range of experience managing teams and projects across multiple domains, but especially TV where he has led numerous system integration projects including some of the industry’s first ventures into IPTV. He holds an MBA where he spent his time researching leadership. motivation, culture and change with a view to apply these learnings to tech organisations. In his spare time, Olu is a keen musician, but also spends time doing STEM work and providing careers coaching.


iPlayer – Keeping the promise alive.

Quality for our audiences is a core value at the BBC. This is especially true for a key product such as iPlayer. However, as a public service organisation, we have an obligation of universality (i.e. making our services available to the widest audience possible). Effectively, this means making sure iPlayer is available on devices dating as far back as 2012 right up to recent devices in 2019. This can pose a challenge, especially when you are trying to drive quality and be at the cutting edge of product innovation. So how do we do it? What compromises, if any, do we have to make and how do we go about keeping a premium product fresh and engaging whilst trying to keep the long-tail alive.