Matthew Clarke
Senior Performance Engineer & Test Specialist
Edge Testing Solutions, part of Eurofins Digital Testing

I have always been fascinated by advanced systems and next generation research. It has been my passion in the last few years to utilise sophisticated computer science and mathematics principles to enhance the delivery of systems engineering and the testing capability within an organisation.

It is my ambition to rationalise the esoteric and often misunderstood mechanisms of low-level of performance and capacity into an approachable high yield service, that can be understood and leveraged by stakeholders and specialists across the delivery spectrum.

At Edge Testing I am a Senior Performance Engineer and Test Specialist advising on capacity and performance. In my own time I ride superbikes, go bouldering and try and do whatever I can to find a thrill.


Crystal ball gazing: Marrying capacity models and load testing

With the move to DevOps and high-pace development there is a greater and more frequent need to specify environments. Performance testers are theoretically well placed to help, but naturally cautious about modelling capacity. We provide an overview of well-established methods that exist for estimating environmental requirements and walk through an example of how this would be applied. Furthermore, we will demonstrate techniques used to validate complex result sets taken after test execution in a simple and digestible way. Finally, we will demonstrate the return on investment of using modelling and case studies for further resources in this area.