Emma Johns

Head of Quality & Testing

Deloitte UK


Transforming your companies Quality Strategy & Operating Model & mindset

Co-speaker Jim Meakin

I will do a reflection on the outcomes, challenges & lessons learnt from transforming our own quality & testing services in the past two years. This includes:

  • Redefining your strategy and where you want to be
  • Service delivery expansion
  • Offshoring & rebuilding your team culture & brand
  • Going from a team of 8 to a team of 50
  • Integrating with other teams & cultures
  • Skills jump & bringing people along the journey to a 2018 testing world i.e. innovation, use of the crowd, DevOps, continuous integration, cloud
  • Measuring success

Emma joined Deloitte New Zealand in the Consulting arm in 2012 before moving to UK Consulting. In November 2016, she commenced her role of Head of Quality/Testing now leading a team of 50 responsible for leading, influencing & delivering quality & testing services across Deloitte UK, CH and NL. The role comprises three key aspects: programme delivery quality (across ~80 projects & 50 core products), transformation & off-shoring, and team leadership. Outside of work, Emma loves being active, getting outdoors (when the weather isn’t horrific!) and playing sports such as netball, tennis and running.