Edson Ferreira
Head of Engineering
Lloyds Banking Group

A Technology Leader and Serverless enthusiast, passionate about building, serving and inspiring high-performance Software Engineering Teams, as well as working alongside Business Stakeholders to define strategy and deliver Customer value.


The Future of Enterprise Computing

With the emergence of container technology and serverless architectural patterns, enterprise computing has been commoditized in terms of cost and at the same time democratized in terms of access to this compute power. As a result of this, start-ups now have access to the same compute power as large organizations and their multi-million-pound IT CapEx budgets, allowing for computing cost to be based on a scaling up or down pay-as-you-go model. The reality is that this computing model is not only empowering but also transformational for both big and small organizations.

In this talk we will look into how containers and in particular serverless are changing the landscape of running enterprise application and changing our architectural patterns – i.e. monolith applications vs event driven microservices, as well as discuss the challenges and opportunities that a serverless computing model offers in the future of enterprise computing.