Duncan Nisbet

Software Test Coach



Surviving SAFe – tips & skills for success when your organisation decides to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework

Strategies for working within the Scaled Agile framework


To bastardise a quote from Joi Ito’s fabulous TED Talk Want to innovate? Be a “now-ist”

“SAFe is what people do to you, safety is what you do for yourself”

In this session, we’ll look at strategies & techniques that you as a developer or their leader can use to make the most of your organisation’s decision to adopt SAFe.

Whether you’re experienced with or completely new to Lean & Agile ideas, transitioning to SAFe is going to disrupt your daily life as the entire organisation strives to come in sync & harness the systems thinking approach to product delivery.

Key Takeaways

  1. A high level introduction to SAFe
  2. How it should help your organisation
  3. Typical challenges you’ll face transitioning to SAFe
  4. Strategies for overcoming those challenges (& embrace the opportunities SAFe provides)

Intended Audience

  • Development team members (e.g. BAs, Programmers, Testers, Leads)

Duncan is passionate about software development, with a specific focus on software testing. After joining an Agile team practicing XP as a Tester, his entire world view of development changed and kick started his journey in self development & growth in the various development disciplines. It’s knowledge & experience of these disciplines that fill his toolbox and made available to your organisation to help you with your challenges.

Duncan also presents his ideas & learnings at conferences across Europe including his own peer conference NWEWT (North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing) as well running a software testing meetup with 2 other testers called Liverpool Tester Gathering which typically has 90 – 100 attendees in the room & another 200 streaming live on Twitter & Facebook.